The UK-Brazil Year of Science and Innovation is in the Press!

The first of a series of events organized by MAST (RJ Museum of Astronomy) to celebrate the Hundredth Anniversary of the Sobral Solar Eclipse featured Dr Richard Dunn from Royal Observatories Greenwich. Along with Anelise Pacheco, physicist and MAST Director, Dr Dunn gave an interview to Galileu Magazine, highlighting how UK-Brazil cooperation was crucial to achieving the results that contributed to proveEinstein’s Theory of General Relativity.

Take a look at the resulting article here! 

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The Sustainable Egg Production Seminar held last week at the FAI Farm in Jaboticabal was a huge success and attracted media attention!

Based on Rui Lopes’ and Murilo Quintiliano’s** remarks, Cenário Agro published a very complete and cohesive article about free range egg production in Brazil.

Click here to take a look at the result!

*Rui Lopes is Deputy Director of the Science and Innovation Network at the British Consulate in São Paulo
**Murilo Quintiliano is CEO of FAI Farms do Brasil

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On Tuesday last week, the winners of the Prêmio Jovem Cientista were announced at a press conference at CNPq. The announcement was relayed that same day in Jornal Hoje and Jornal Nacional.(30 october 2018)

Prêmio Jovem Cientista is a CNPq led initiative in partnership with Fundação Roberto Marinho, Fundação O Boticário and Banco do Brasil. The UK-Brazil Year of Science and Innovation will be taking the three winners for the Masters/Doctorate category on a mission to the UK to visit key research centres, institutions and companies related to their area of expertise.

Keep an eye out for more news on the Prêmio Jovem Cientista and the UK-Brazil Year of Science and Innovation on December 5th, after the Award Ceremony!

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